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Who we are
The NB Crafts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in crafts, maintaining standards of craftsmanship and expanding markets for fine crafts. Our mission is to provide opportunities and support to its members by developing, promoting, and fostering an appreciation of craft. The Council strives to further public education in the value of handmade goods created by local crafts people who contribute to the cultural and economic sectors of this province. Regular Craft Council activities include sales and festivals, tradeshows, exhibitions and publications, awards, acquisitions, jurying and standards, workshops and advocacy. 

Our History
The NB Crafts Council is the oldest provincial crafts council in the country. Its inception beginning sometime in the early 1970’s, and it has provided service to its members for over fifty years. In 1994, the Council was known as the Handay Firm and upon incorporation in 1997 officially became the NB Crafts Council. Currently located on Victoria, the Council continues to seek out new ways to support its members and promote the value of fine craft to local, national and global markets.

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