People of Craft™ The Time is Now… Create your Profile!

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Jesse Giffin

By now many of you have heard about, seen, and been a part of the People of Craft™ movement and for this, we thank you!

We, the Provincial/Territorial Craft Councils, are strongly committed to this movement & to growing and increasing the reach of People of Craft™ . But we can’t do it alone. Wee can’t do it without you. We need you to move together with us. So how can you do this?

To date, the movement has received fantastic support from you in the form of visiting the website, using the #PEOPLEOFCRAFT hashtag when sharing our manifesto and promoting craft, and by wearing the People of Craft™ buttons and t-shirts. But now is the time for your most important contribution of all.

  • Showcase your craft both to the existing craft community and those who are discovering and purchasing craft
  • Be presented to site visitors through a wide array of robust searching options
  • Provide you the ability to post and promote personal or community craft events
  • Be part of a mass online exhibit of Canadian craft

We thank you again for declaring yourself a People of Craft, for joining our community, and for playing an integral role in furthering the movement.

Stay tuned for more updates to come!