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Diamonds have, for years, been regarded as an exquisite possession. Often, diamonds are associated with wealth, social status. They are symbols of grandeur and luxury. All in all- diamonds make the perfect jewelled accessories- and many jewellery stores in Toronto have been striving to find out exactly what makes diamonds so desirable.

jewellery stores in toronto

The diamond is the hardest substance standing on the planet. Diamonds are commonly known to emit and hold a lot of value wherever they go- no matter how they are used. They are marked as a treasure- and were even known to be an exclusive trade resource- in various cultures and countries. Many consider diamonds to be a show of their affluence and opulence.

 This is why diamonds are associated with so many lavish events. These assets are used as trademarks to indicate new and magnificent beginnings. This is why you will find that diamond rings are jewellery items used to celebrate engagements, marriages, and so on.

However, there is no lack of milk and honey when it comes to jewellery. Gold, Silver, Rubies, Emeralds- there are many such splendid jewels in this market- so why is it that the Diamond is so distinguished?


Carbon is known to be the hardest yet naturally existing substance known to our planet. It is found that carbon largely attributes strikingly physical qualities to any substance that it is merged with- this is the case with diamonds as well.

jewellery stores in toronto


Jewellery stores in Toronto can vouch for the fact that coloured diamonds are revered on a whole other level. These diamonds are considered highly attractive and desirable by their customers. Coloured diamonds appear in a span of colours including yellow, green, blue, pink, and much more.

Vibrant diamonds are known to get their color from different aspects. For instance, yellow diamonds can be a result of nitrogen traces, while radiation can contribute to other colors.

Elements like inclusions, surface irregularities, and blemishes existing within the central range of uncut diamonds also give color to a diamond. Such diamonds are typically known as the costliest kind of naturally colored diamonds. The inclusions in these stones interact to make the diamond sparkle and flash.

However, in colorless diamonds, inclusions and irregularities can be considered as flaws and unwanted diamonds.


Most Jewellery stores in Toronto consider four classifications of properties to make the perfect diamond. These properties include:

jewellery stores in toronto

Clear appearance:

As it is, diamonds are prided for their appearance. A prime factor that contributes to the shrinking appearance of a diamond is its clarity. Clarity can be determined by the absence of inclusions. In retrospect, the fewer the inclusions, scratches, and blemishes on the surface- the higher the clarity on the diamond. Clear diamonds are highly valued and priced among jewellers.


One of the major determinants of a great diamond is its cut shape. Different shapes are priced differently, and their value tends to vary in the market. However, the standard and most revered diamond cut are considered to be the classic round diamond.


It has already been elucidated that colored diamonds are invaluable and the demand for them is incredibly high. The most valued diamond is the rarest form of the colored diamond.


The Carat is typically the most popular way to assess the value of a diamond. Carat is an indicator of a diamond’s weight. A larger weighted diamond is more a more difficult find than a smaller one and hence is more expensive.

Diamond jewellery can be found in rows and rows at jewellery stores. Due to their glamour and inexplicable serenity, they are made to attract. Despite the existence of many priceless gems in Jewellery stores in Toronto, Diamonds are singled out as the most elegant and popular ones.

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